The Endurance Athlete

Endurance athletes in like ultra-marathon runners, triathletes, Iron-Man or Spartan racers spend countless hours training. This places a great deal of stress on the human body. This guide discusses the anatomy and mechanism of four injuries that can limit your performance and add a considerable amount of time onto your event.

I have found that many athletes here in Miami, FL suffering from all types of sports related injuries have felt less frustrated and more confident about managing their injuries when it comes time to compete.

Understanding your injury, how to manage the pain and how to maintain a more consistent training schedule as an endurance athlete can keep you out in the field and off the sidelines. 

There is a wealth of knowledge out there on training programs, proper nutrition, in-race hydration and strength training. However, there is a lack of education on part of health care providers because they sometimes do not understand the specific demands of endurance athletes. Most often the advice of “rest, take pain pills and ice” just doesn’t cut it. This leads to an attitude of “toughing it out” which may hinder performance and shorten the career of an athlete. If I can do anything as a physical therapist in Miami Florida helping endurance athletes out it is this: we need more of you, and we need more of you to keep training!

Let this simple guide be a stepping stone for you to take the initiative to stop the endless cycle of frustration and self-defeating beliefs. 

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